Four months? Three months? Forty-four days? Four days — the quickest country music marriage didn't even last long enough to bring home a paycheck.

Find out which country-friendly classic rocker was married just nine days before his wife asked for a divorce. Taste of Country also did some digging to find a contemporary country singer who split after just 12 days in 2010 and another that last just four days in 1977. At 282 days, the recently-separated Carly Pearce and Michael Ray practically lived a lifetime when put next to Tammy Wynette and her fourth husband.

George Jones, Kenny Chesney, Gary Allan and Kid Rock all make this list of shortest marriages in country music history. So often the abrupt end to a union came after a whirlwind romance that left no time for getting to know one another. It's most sad when children are involved, as is the case in a handful of these marriages.

We capped our list at two years, meaning stars who made it at least that long won't be found here. This excused several country singers like Wynonna Judd, Willie Nelson and Lorrie Morgan, who've had several spouses, with each lasting several years. First up is the quickie wedding of the '90s — one that left Nashville and Hollywood in shock when they split.

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