The Miller County Judges Office wishes to notify the public of two courthouse employees who have recently tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a press release, while it is not uncommon for a COVID-19 exposure to occur within a public building where all employees are following protocols to guard against exposure and the County Judge is taking all necessary precautions to continually clean and disinfect all areas of the building, it only takes one person to expose others once they enter the courthouse. “The two cases are confined to the first floor where the majority of public interactions occur,” said Judge Cathy Harrison.

After consulting with Emergency Management, County Physician, Dr. Stringfellow, Dr. Matt Young, as well as elected officials, it was determined the best course would be to close the courthouse for the remainder of this week. The Judges Office needs appropriate time to arrange a deep cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the courthouse. The cleaning is ongoing at this time.

If anyone has business with the Circuit Court Judges, please contact that Judges’ Office directly for further instruction.

The Office of Emergency Management wants to remind everyone to continue the safe habits of handwashing, social distancing, and staying home if you don’t feel well to avoid unnecessary exposure to others.

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