Wow! So, did you know that there are a few states that let restaurants accept food stamps?  National Restaurant Association is lobbying for more states to do the same thing.It's doing really well in these states. Some of the arguments are: it's only available at some fast food chains, which of course, aren't healthy, and only available for certain people that receive food stamps. It's big money too, with so many more people on food stamps it kinda sounds as though the restaurant business wants a cut of the action.

The four states (California, Florida, Michigan, & Arizona) permitting food stamp use in restaurants have all mentioned that it was done to help the elderly, disabled and homeless people. (This is an exception allowed by the few rules imposed by the federal government.)


USA Today reported that the National Restaurant Association is lobbying for food stamps to be accepted, and why not? In difficult economic times, the substantial spike in food stamp dollars represents a considerable market for restaurants.


Now, remember in those states it's only available for the elderly, disabled and the homeless. Reasons for this is for all the above it is harder for these groups of people to prepare meals at home or if you don't have a home. What do you think?

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