Sunday night the Dallas Cowboys took on the Washington Redskins. During half-time Bob Costas talked about how the name of the Washington Redskins is offensive.

I know it's a big debate. Is it really offensive?

Dan Snyder owner of the Washington Redskins release a letter a few days ago on this subject and said he had research it and in two different surveys, most American Indians do not find the name Washington Redskins offensive.

I have a lot of respect for the American Indian. As a child I was in the YWCA Indian Princess which was a father and daughter program. We had tribes and ours was Chactaw. We did a lot of great activities including camping with our fathers.

In fact, I'm an honorary Chactow Indian Princess! Our leader (Chief) of our tribe was my friend's dad and they owned a piece of land in Oklahoma close to the Chactow nation.  My friend' dad told the the Chief of the Chactow nation about us. He was so touched by it that he made us (10 girls in all) honorary Chactow Indian Princesses! So, believe me I would never want to use a word that would be offensive to the American Indian!