Silvermoon Children's Theater will present on stage 'Clue' this weekend. Come see the play based on the popular board game and the movie. The great thing about this is, this group of teens did most of the work for this stage production from beginning to end and they are ready to perform it for us.

This production is according to the Silvermoon Children's Theater Facebook page very much like the 1985 movie. Which was about 6 people who are invited to a special dinner at a strange mansion. The host is murdered and the guests must try and figure out who the murderer is before they all die.

Showtimes are tonight Friday, April 23 with two showings one at 5PM and the other at 7:30PM. Then a Sunday, April 25 for a  matinee at  2PM Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at

If you have a child or teenager in the age group of K-12 and they are interested in stage production and acting in a musical or nonmusical there are a couple of Drama Camps this summer. You can find out more information at the link below :

You can also email them with any questions at 
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