The Silvermoon Children’s Theatre in downtown Texarkana will host a Turbo Days workshop for kids ages 8-14.

.Monday 24th (7-15 yr olds) we will hold a Musical Audition Prep Workshop. They would love for you to bring some songs you like. The folks at the thatre will talk all about how to audition. There will be auditions for 'Into The Woods' on December 15th.
Tuesday 25th (4-7 yr olds) we will have a Turbo Day with a Thanksgiving theme.
Visit our website for more info and to register!

What is the Silvermoon Children's Theatre all about?

Prompted by a desire to help build healthy, happy people by investing in our community's young people and having a non-profit mindset, SCT cultivates creativity under control using the dramatic arts by channeling the innate talents of the young to provide entertaining, uplifting children's theatre that enriches audiences and participants alike.

Journey with us to a galaxy not so far way to a place where young stars are encouraged and nurtured to shine brightly. Businesses and individuals may choose how they wish to support SCT ... maximize tickets or maximize advertising dollars.

SCT's Premiere Production was Seussical, Jr., running 2/27 through 3/3/2014. Its seven performances were performed to sellout crowds. Other shows in the premiere SCT season are Once Upon a Palooza, set to feature plays conceived by area youth, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox, by Roald Dahl. And, JUST ANNOUNCED, are exciting plans for Mini-Shows and Turbo Days during the remainder 2014! For information, please check out SCT's Facebook page.


The mission of SCT is to provide entertaining, professional quality theatre, performed by children for audiences of all ages. We educate, challenge and inspire youth, support the learning environment, and build strong community values.

Life training in disguise.


SCT seeks to be a model of excellence in theatre. We provide a professional quality performance arena encompassing all aspects of theatre, both technical and artistic. We develop the skills of teamwork, self confidence, and collaboration in members.

The cost for this workshop is $40. To get a registration form, email: