Severe thunderstorms that raked portions of the area late Monday night caused some damage and plenty of power outages in the Texarkana area.

The hardest hit area seemed to be from Hooks, to Red Lick, to Nash, and on to Pleasant Grove between 9:30-11PM Monday. Trees were reported down across some roadways and some landed on vehicles and homes. Fortunately there were no reports of any serious injuries from the severe weather in our area.

The bad news is, along with scattered damage, is the fact that thousands of people have been without power since around 10 last night and it could take hours to get it restored to everyone.

SWEPCO, Southwestern Electric Power Company, says as of Tuesday morning some 22 percent, or roughly 7,120 of its customers in Bowie County, were still without electricity. Also, some 293 of their customers in Miller County were without power as well. That is just SWEPCO numbers and does not include the rural electric co-op customers.

Schools in Bowie County along and north of Interstate 30 were closed today due to lack of electricity. They include, Hooks, Red Lick, Pleasant Grove, Texas A&M-Texarkana and Morriss Elementary.

A&M officials say final exams that were scheduled for today will be conducted on Thursday at the same times they would have been given today. Also, commencement exercises will be held as planned on Saturday at 10AM at First Baptist Church on Moores Lane.

Meanwhile, Texarkana College, which is located south of Interstate 30 does have power and is running a normal schedule today. College officials say if you cannot make it to class due to conditions where you live, you should contact your professors as soon as possible regarding today's final exams.

Remember there are still some traffic signal lights out due to power loss. Please be careful driving through these intersections this morning. You should always treat  those intersections as four way stops when they are not functioning.

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