October is just around the corner and that means the search for a Halloween costume will start soon. But, what about our pets? Yes, unfortunately we will be looking at costumes for them as well.  Oh, I'm so guilty of this.

According to PR Newswire a resent survey from from Petco found that:

59 percent of pet parents say their pet will participate in Halloween this year, a 9 percent increase from 2015, with 27 percent of respondents who plan to participate confirming this will be the first year their pets will partake in the Halloween festivities.

Pet parents intend to show off the joy they find in the human-animal bond, with 83 percent planning to dress pets head-to-tail in Halloween costumes and accessories, and 65 percent planning to gift their pets with Halloween-themed treats and toys.

Like I said earlier, yes I am guilty of dressing my cats up for Halloween. As you can see from the picture above, they love it. Ha. I'm sure if I had a dog I'd dress him up too. With cats the fun part about it all is their attitude. They are not happy about it and they give you this look as if saying "Really? This is how you humans pass the time? If only I had opposing thumbs..." Sorry, but it just cracks me up!  My neighbor dresses his poor little dog up in a chicken suit every year and it is classic.

Do you dress your pet up in a Halloween costume?

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