Oh My! Us girls can be sneaky! At least that's what a survey from the U.K. found out.

The survey, by the British Heart Foundation found that:

1 in 7 women have  thrown out their husband or boyfriend's clothes without telling them, because they just didn't like it!

Beware though! One out of six people (men and women) threw something out only to later found out it was worth quite a bit of money!

So, be truthful girls and guys! Was there something in your significant other's closet that you tossed without them knowing about it? Is there something in his closet now that you just can't stand?

My husband John had a sweater that OMG looked like it was from Planet of the Apes! We even called it that and yes, I hated it!  A few year back, it disappeared. We can't find it anywhere, but I swear I never did anything to it! Cross my heart! My husband still thinks to this day that I trashed it. I've looked everywhere for it and I can't find it.  Personally, I think that monkey sweater knew it's days were numbered and jumped in the trash can by itself.

via One in seven women admits binning their man¿s old clothes without telling him (while they have 16 items they never wear) | Mail Online.