Are you bored with Facebook? A survey came out and said we are, but I'm not sure about this study.

I'm not bored with Facebook, but I am tired of the Facebook phone apps!  I'm probably not on Facebook as much as I was six months ago, but that's because of the phone app!  They are slow to load and that's when I get impatient, but not bored.

Here is what the survey discovered:

Reuters and the research firm, Ipsos, asked 1,000 Americans about their Facebook habits, or frequency of use on the social network. Around one-third of users said they feel rather "blah" about the Facebook, spending less time on the site than they did six months ago.

The poll found the most active user being between the ages of 18 to 34, to no one's surprise. Only 29% of users over 55 said they regularly accessed Facebook.


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