With a heavy heart, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department (TAPD) must officially announce that due to exceptional circumstances, they are unable to present the Pride Academy for 2021.

As cases continue to rise with more and more new cases being children, we cannot in good conscience place any child in danger or risk them getting sick. We must consider the health and safety of our kiddos above all else.

According to a press release, things are tough right now and our kids are missing so much. For TAPD, our officers, the presenters, and all the volunteers, we are very disappointed we will not have the opportunity to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary in pride style. Still, we know that this will not last forever. We will get back to having Pride Academy and make it better than ever.

We are confident in our past pride graduates and know they’ll persevere and act as mentors to students to whom we could not provide the pride experience.

TAPD is grateful to the Texarkana Arkansas School District, our Presenters, Sponsors, Youth to Leadership Group, and Police Officers who continuously provide their unwavering support to ensure our program is successful. Thank you to our community who loves our children and sees their amazing potential and work diligently to ensure their success.

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