Texarkana Arkansas Police K-9 unit got some much-deserved recognition during the United States Police Canine Association Region 20 Canine certification and competition in Sherman, Texas on April 18-21.

Officer Tanner Freeman with K-9 ‘Kashko’ a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, performed well above the recognized standard. The certification process tests all aspects of K-9 handling, including patrol functions and narcotics detection, which the handler and dog have to pass to continue working together at their law enforcement agency. In addition to certification, the handlers and their dogs compete against other teams within the region for placement in several categories, including the prestigious Overall Top Dog Award.

According to a press release, the certification process is a weeklong testing and evaluation procedure that includes several areas of assessment. The competition had 12 canine teams. Freeman and Kashko placed within the top three in nearly every category and received Top Dog honors overall. This year was Officer Freeman and Kashko’s 2nd regional trial and certification competition.

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