Texarkana College's Music Faculty will be featured in a recital in the Music Hall of the Stilwell Humanities Building on Monday, August 27 at 7:30 PM.

The recital will feature new music adjuncts:

  • Cellist Brett Andrews, who will teach lessons in all string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and double-bass)
  • Flutist/Piccoloist Kara Compton, who will teach lessons in all woodwind instruments (piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon)
  • Guitarist Benjamin Munson, who will teach guitar lessons and guitar group class for beginners

Along with seasoned TC instructors:

  • Mary Scott Goode (piano, piano class, and music appreciation)
  • Marc-André Bougie (music theory, ear training, chorale, and music appreciation)
  • Soprano Janice Aiken (voice lessons)
  • Trombonist Steve Bennett (brass instruments: trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba)
  • Organist Larry Dymott (organ/harpsichord)
  • Percussionist T. Jon Kelly (timpani and all percussion instruments)

“These new additions will provide a fantastic opportunity for growth in our music program, and they will fulfill a long-awaited need for specialized instrumental instruction in our region – especially in the areas of strings and guitar teaching,” said Bougie. “Texarkana College is the leader in higher level music education in our community, and these hires further fulfill our commitment to providing quality instruction for years to come.”


Mary Ellen Young, Dean of TC’s Liberal and Performing Arts division said, “Together, TC’s all-star faculty line up provides a wealth of professional experience that leads music students daily through the work and challenges of a college-level education. We are proud to be the leader in higher education music training that benefits both our students and our community.”

For more details about the recital; TexarkanaCollege.edu.

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