Texarkana Texas Police are reporting that an early morning shooting has left a 17-year-old Texarkana young man dead and a 16-year-old in custody.

Details are still being pieced together at this time, but according to a Facebook Page report from the Texarkana Texas Police Department, Officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of College Drive around 1:30 AM to the reports of a shooting.

When Officers arrived on the scene they discovered the body of the shooting victim inside an apartment there. The deceased male has now been identified as 17-year-old Jason Hubbard.

An unnamed 16-year-old juvenile was arrested in this case, but no word on any charges at this time. It is also unknown as to what unfolded that led to the shooting.

Texarkana Police said in the report;

"The juvenile was arrested by officers and transported to the juvenile detention facility. We believe that the two boys were friends. The gun that we recovered at the scene had previously been reported stolen in Hope, Arkansas."

attachment-1000 block of College Drive - Texarkana Texas - Google Maps
1000 block of College Drive - Texarkana Texas - Google Maps

Police said the incident is still under investigation, and there are still a lot of questions about exactly what happened.

"However, regardless of the circumstances, the end result is both senseless and incredibly tragic."

If you have any information that might TTPD in this investigation, please contact them at 903-798-3116.

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