Believe it or not, some celebrities have done some time in the service.

We have seen plenty of actors and actresses portray soldiers in films, but it might be difficult to imagine them actually serving. When we watch our favorite artists on stage, it's sometimes hard to picture them in a military uniform.

However, some of them have made the sacrifice to serve our country.

Bet you didn't know these 10 individuals once put on that uniform:

1. Willie Nelson: Air Force. He enlisted in 1950 with the intention to be a pilot. However, those dreams were shattered when he was medically discharged after nine months. He had a bad back.

2. M.C. Hammer: Navy. He served as an aviation storekeeper near San Francisco. came up with "parachute pants" while he was training to be a paratrooper.

3. George Carlin: Air Force. He was stationed in Shreveport and got a DJ gig at KJOE. He was court-martialed three times in three years. Started working as a radio DJ while he was in the Air Force.

4. Pat Sajak: Army. He didn't see much action as a specialist, but he did serve as a DJ on Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam.

5. Bea Arthur: Marines. She was a truck driver and a typist in the Women's Reserve during World War II.

6. Chuck Norris: Air Force. In fact, he was first introduced to Martial Arts while stationed in Korea.

7. Sinbad: Air Force. Served in the late 70's and early 80's.

8. Paul Newman: Navy. He really wanted to be a pilot, but washed out of flight school due to being color blind. He became a gunner and a radio operator in the South Pacific during World War II.

9. ICE-T: Army. He served for four years in the 25th Infantry.

10. Bob Ross: Air Force. He served for 20 years and even spent some time as a drill sergeant.