Texarkana Arkansas/Texas along with other cities nationwide will be celebrating National Night Out Oct. 1, 2019.  Arkansas-side Mayor Allen Brown plans on visiting as many neighborhoods as he can tonight, according to a press release from the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department

In an open letter to the citizens of Texarkana, Arkansas here's what Mayor Brown said,

"Texarkana is our home and it is worth the investment."

The investment of time to join hands, get to know our neighbors and take an active role in making our neighborhoods safer. The national spotlight seems to depict a culture of mistrust between law enforcement and the very communities they put their life on the line for each and every day.

We are fortunate in Texarkana, Arkansas to have an engaged police department that works very hard through multiple activities all year long to build relationships and forge healthy and strong connections to aid in building a safer community for us all. But they can’t do it alone, we all play a role in safety.   National Night Out helps us to get back to the basics of knowing our neighbors and looking out for each other.  TAPD promotes “See Something, Say Something” within our schools and our community.  If something doesn’t look right, report it!

Shelby and I are excited to participate this year by making a stop at each neighborhood celebration to visit and make new friends!


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