The general public is invited to attend a very special dedication ribbon cutting ceremony this Saturday, August 19, 2017 at 1600 South State Line Ave. The ceremony begins at 10:30AM and local dignitaries will be on hand to christened the location where a fallen bikers wall will be built to help bring motorcycle safety, awareness and to remember the fallen bikers in our community. This very special memorial wall that has been in the planning stages for about two and half years and recently received approval from the city of Texarkana, Texas.

The whole idea for the wall came about from Mike Thacker (Fatboy) President of Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall.  "I've watched friends, friends of friends, then my brother Gary Thacker (Bang Bang) was killed on his motorcycle right in front of me by someone that didn't see him." The thought weighed heavy on my mind, said, Thacker. So I contacted Russell Stewart (Raven); Treasurer  of Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall and mentioned my intentions of wanting to build a wall with names of Fallen Bikers. It was during this time a very close friend of mine and Ravens; Danny Taylor was killed by someone that didn't see him as well.  That was when I decided we needed to do something to bring motorcycle awareness to the community.
" I immediately contacted a few close people that I knew that would share my same agenda and feel the same way as I did. Those people were Lisa Bobo (Vice President) and Darlene Graham (Secretary) of Texarkana Fallen Bikers Memorial Wall and after speaking with them about my proposal within the 2 1/2 years since, we have raised enough funds to purchase a property to build a Wall. This wall will be built for anyone to come and see all the names of fallen riders in our community."
Thacker said, "We are a combination of independent motorcycle riders, Christian motorcycle clubs, non-motorcycle riders, and motorcycle clubs in the community." This will be a historical event for the city of Texarkana, Texas as this will be the 4th motorcycle memorial wall in the United States.
The excavation and building of the wall will depend solely on donated funds, volunteers and hard work and dedication as they are strictly a non-profit organization. Thacker is hoping the community will come out to show their support and watch their dream become a reality.

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