Texarkana, Arkansas Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a homicide that occurred earlier this week at an apartment complex on County Avenue.

Police say the suspect, 21 year-old Laderick Johnson of Texarkana, Texas turned himself into authorities at the Bi-State Justice Building early Friday morning. Johnson was wanted in connection with the shooting incident which claimed the life of 44 year old Leroy Davis at the Beechdale Apartment complex just before midnight Wednesday night.

Early on in the investigation, detectives developed information that led them to believe the victim was accompanied by at least two additional people, one of whom believed to be a woman.

Based on interviews of witnesses and evidence located at the crime scene, detectives secured an arrest warrant for the suspect for the offense of 1st Degree Murder.

Detectives believe the elements of this incident that led up to the victim’s shooting death are connected to illegal drug activity.  It is believed the victim was at the address located on County Avenue to facilitate his involvement in clandestine drug activities.