Texarkana Water Utilities is still recovering from the cyber incident suffered on Sunday, December 6, 2020. 

According to a  press release, We know this is inconvenient and we apologize. We have experienced a disruption to our normal processes and are working diligently to find solutions for the network issues we continue to experience. While the rebuild and restore mission is in progress, we feel fortunate that none of our customers have suffered an interruption to service delivery.

"Please remain patient as we work to get everything back online."

Currently, the process for billing has been altered, and this has created some confusion among customers. In an effort to streamline billing and payment while we deal with ongoing issues, please consider how you can stay up-to-date on your TWU account.

  • Customers did not receive a physical or electronic bill for December, and many auto-draft payments were not processed.
  • Customer service agents are unable to view account records and process certain types of payment currently. Customers WILL need the name on the account, the service address, and if possible the customer account number to make a payment.
  • TWU strongly encourages its customers to continue making an estimated monthly payment until the billing process is restored. Payments may be sent by mail, processed at the drive-thru window (Mon-Fri, 7:30 am-5 pm), deposited in dropbox in the alley, or bill pay may be set up with the customer’s bank. Payments may be made by cash, checks, bank checks, and money orders.
  • Auto draft and credit/debit card payments cannot currently be processed.
  • Furthermore, it is important to note that auto-draft payments were not processed for December. This means that when the billing process is rectified, those customers could be charged for two months, or however many payments were missed. Please be aware of this issue and make proper arrangements to avoid any overdraft fees.

Please contact Customer Service 903- 798 3800 and press option 3 or contact customerservice@txkusa.org if you have any questions.

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