Water Boil Notice For Hooks Has Been Lifted
On February 26, 2021 the Texas commission of environmental quality required the city of Hooks public water system PWS ID 019-0002 City Of hooks and burns red Bank water supply to issue a boil water notice to inform individuals or the water from this public water system was required to be boiled prio…
Proposed Location for New Texarkana Regional Water Plant
TexAmericas Center today (8/11) announced that it will be the site of Riverbend Water Resources District’s (RWRD) proposed new regional water treatment system to support the ongoing growth for current and future tenants at its industrial park and 16 other RWRD members entities.
The Texarkana, Ark., City Board of Directors meets tonight and will consider allowing the Texarkana Water Utilities to raise water rates.
Texas Big
Who would have thought that the world's largest backyard pool would be right here in Texas? I guess not everyone is in a Stage 5 drought.

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