Arkansas has a new millionaire! Gary Smith of Arlington, Texas was visiting family in Arkansas last Friday when he decided to get a second COVID-19 shot and take advantage of the lottery ticket giveaway incentive program that  Governor Asa Hutchinson implemented in the state in May.

Talk about a blessing in disguise, Smith who is originally from Arkansas was given the choice for either a free $20 $1 Million Spectacular scratch-off ticket or a $20 gift certificate for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. After showing proof of his vaccination from the local health department he chose the scratch-off ticket and it paid off big time for him. Smith claimed his prize Friday at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center in Little Rock.

“I know they’re lying,” was his first thought after he scratched the winning ticket when he returned to his family’s home. “I couldn’t believe it!” “My grandmother was the first person that I told about my win,” Smith said. “We both were in total shock!


According to a press release, Smith works with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He plans to pay bills and help his family with his winnings. “I recently got engaged in April and blessed to have the wedding and honeymoon of my dreams with my future wife,” Smith said.

He is the 83rd person that has won a lottery prize worth $1 million or more in Arkansas since 2009. With Smith’s million-dollar win, one top prize left of $1 million remains on the $1 Million Spectacular game, and a $50,000 ticket is still in circulation.

So, I guess the question remains. Will you get a shot for a shot at becoming the next Arkansas millionaire?

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