Country newcomers Parmalee are headed to Texarkana for a show Friday, Aug. 9 at Shooters. This hot new rockin' country  band features two brothers, Matt and Scott Thomas, who grew up near Greenville, N.C.

The road for this band hasn't been an easy one as the band was robbed in their home state of North Carolina in September 2010 after trying to raise money to get back to Nashville.

The boys had just finished a gig when Matt and Scott were loading up the RV with equipment when they were approached by two armed men with guns. The men put a gun to Matt’s head and demanded money. Shots were fired. Scott, who has a concealed weapons license, fired back.

One of the gunmen died and Scott was shot three times. One bullet hit Scott's femoral artery causing him to nearly bleed to death. "He bled out on the air flight to Charlotte, and his heart stopped twice," Matt recalls. "When we got to the hospital, the doctor gave him a five percent chance to live." Scott was hospitalized in Charlotte, N.C. for 35 days - 10 of which he spent in a coma.

News of the shooting spread like wildfire and the local news stations carried weekly reports on Scott's progress. Parmalee's fans turned out in droves to show their support. Through Facebook campaigns and benefits they raised enough money to help cover Scott's medical bills.The Nashville community showed their support as well with fundraisers throughout the area to help with Scott's medical expense.

Scott finally recovered enough to play drums in February 2011 at a label showcase despite a leg brace. Scott said, "We wouldn't tell everybody how bad off I was because there was no way I wasn't going to play that show," Scott says. "I was in a leg brace, but I only had to get through six songs."

Through sheer determination and willpower the band landed a deal with Stoney Creek Records, home to Randy Houser and Thompson Square. Now when they look back on their experiences, the members of Parmalee have no regrets about the path they chose. “All the obstacles and craziness we’ve been through allowed us to help find our home in Nashville,” Matt says. "It took us going through all that to mold us into who were are today as a band."

If you like the sound of Jason Aldean and Eric Church you're going to love Parmalee.

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