Halloween is just around the corner and now for a creepy story you most certainly have heard about. All over the country there have always been reports of mysterious light anomalies  happening in some community or other. However, in this neck of the woods we have come to know it as the Gurdon light. What is it? Some kind of earthly illusion caused by atmospheric conditions or is it really some type of paranormal activity that can't be explained?

As the legend goes, a railroad worker was supposedly beheaded while working the rails and he is the one using a lantern to search for his severed head. And the light from the lantern is reportedly what people are seeing.  Curious seekers have come from far and near to experience this rare occurrence that happens in Gurdon, Ark. There have been paranormal investigators from popular TV shows who have investigated the Gurdon light phenomenon but they can't debunk the mystery themselves.

Take a look at this documentary video done on the Gurdon light and draw your own conclusion.