You know the saying: The only things that would survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and Keith Richards, right? Well how 'bout a cheese burger from McDonald's?

Melanie Hesketh, a professional nutritionist at the Lifetime Wellness Centre in Windsor, Ontario, wanted to teach her teenage kids a little something about the non-food we call fast food. So she bought a McDonald’s cheeseburger and left it unwrapped on her kitchen counter for a full year.

At the end of the test period,

The meat patty has shrunk a bit, but it still looks edible and, with a faint but lingering greasy, leathery odour, she said it “still smells slightly like a burger ... it hasn’t changed much.”

Obviously it makes me wonder why we choose to eat food like this when even bacteria won’t eat it,” she said.

Ah, Yes you can say Gross all you want, but I wonder if it still had any nutritional value? If it did, it was be great with a can of beans after a nuclear holocaust and of course share it with Keith Richards. :)  Hey, just trying to be positive, I like McDonald's burgers! :)

via The burger that refused to die.