TIM MCGRAW has no patience for unruly fans.  Even drunk ones that are kind of cute.  Tim yanked a wasted young woman from his show last Saturday at The Gorge near Quincy, Washington... and had her removed from the venue.

Yakima's "The Bull" offered up a pretty detailed report of what went down.

According to the story, two girls wanted to get a high five from Tim as he approached the edge of the stage... so they bulldozed their way past the aforementioned drunk chick.

That set her off so she tossed her drink on them... and some of it hit two other dudes who were standing nearby.  That's when tempers flared.

Tim saw it all go down, so he stopped the show and tried to restore peace.  By now the two guys were cussing out the drunk girl and possibly threatening her.

Tim decided it was time to yank the wasted chick completely out of the crowd.

And then he ALSO had security remove the two guys.  They argued their point but Tim would have none of it.  He kept saying, "You've got no choice in the matter."

As is the norm these days, somebody recorded much of the action and put it on YouTube. 

(You can check out Tim removing the girl and arguing with the dudes, here.)