There's always "that guy" on any flight you take. There's "that guy" who talks to much, "That guy" who insists on leaning his seat back in front of you and "That guy" who sings or hums loudly with his headphones on. Then, there's this guy.

Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson from Iceland was on a recent flight to New York to see his wife and decided to guzzle a bottle of liquor two hours into it. Apparently, Gudmundur doesn't handle his alcohol very well.

People who know him say he usually isn't violent, but on this flight he was completely out of control. He reportedly spat on other passengers, attempted to choke the lady sitting next to him and began screaming the plane was going to crash. Finally fed up, his fellow passengers took matters into their own hands, pinning him to his seat and duct taping him to it to subdue him.

Hours later when the plane touched down in New York, police escorted the man off the plan and took him to a hospital in Queens where he was treated for alcohol poisoning. No word on what charges, if any, were filed against the man.

Yes, there's a video.

What's the craziest thing you've seen someone do on an airplane??