The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, along with the Texarkana mayors, city managers, and members of the Courthouse Square Strategic Doing team, invite the community to celebrate the renovations of the Downtown Courthouse Square.

The ceremony will be on October 29, 2021, at noon. The event will take place at 500 N State Line Ave. The ceremony has been moved from 11:30 to 12 noon due to a funeral near there.

High school bands, cheerleaders, and student councils will be present to play music and lead cheers. The Cookie Lady, Genos, Salad Hut, and The Forge TXK will have food for sale. There will also be yard games on the lawn to enjoy.

attachment-thumbnail_Courthouse Square Invite copy

The Texarkana Chamber of Commerce is hoping everyone will come out to show their support for the new look of the Courthouse Square.

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