Feeding America, on of the countires largest domestic hunger-relief organizations, is worried that millions of low income families are choosing between heat and hunger this winter season.The Energy Information Administration estimates that households will end up spending between 15% and 19% to heat their homes this year. This higher cost puts a strain on many household budgets and sends more people to food pantries, soup kitchesn and other emergency-food charities.

SNAP, which commonly referred to as food stamps, and WIC are important hunger relief programs as the government works on deficit reduction. If sequestration cuts are enacted in March, both programs could be cut severely, and millions could be drastically affected.

With all this in mind, Bob Aiken, President and CEO of Feeding America says, " it is worth reminding our nations leaders of the stark circumstances facing people who turn to Feeding America For Help."

Harvest Texarkana is the Regional Food Bank in our area. Harvest services 10 counties across Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas.