The last couple of days I've pretty much been bed ridden fighting off the latest bug my son brought home from daycare. So, here's my list of the top 10 things to do on a Sick Day. Brought to you by DayQuil.

Forget TV. Despite the fact that we have hundreds of channels to surf through, there's just not anything worth watching and flipping through the guide makes my head hurt even worse.

1.)  Text/Email co-workers with periodic updates of your sickness. Lisa gags easily, so I usually leave the details out when texting her. JW, on the other hand, his stomach is much stronger so it makes me chuckle when I get back the "dude?! really?!!" messages from him.. Hey, they're the ones who said to let them know how I was feeling.

2.) If someone's at the house with you, be sure to moan a lot and act like a big baby. My wife thinks I'm actually wanting attention when I do this, but in reality I'm just trying to get on her nerves because, in a sick and twisted way, I find it humorous when she gives me that "ring the bell one more time and see what happens to you" look.

3.) Start your own prayer chain on Facebook or Twitter. Only takes a few seconds to update your status with a message letting all of your online friends know you're under the weather and within minutes the chain has started. (Go ahead and share some details of your ailments. That will really get the sympathy pouring in.)

4.) Set a trash can in the corner of the room, make up a bunch of paper airplanes and see how many you can get in the can (I put 7 out of 10 in earlier.. my personal best!).

5.) Text your children and tell each one of them "if something was to happen to me, I want you to know you were always my favorite".

6.) Go to and make weird comments on all of the posts. Especially Mario's.

7.) Eat lots and lots of Jello. Just because you can! Face it, adults can't just eat Jello any time we want it. Our kids (especially our "cool" teen kids) would never let us hear the end of it. But on days we're sick.... Jello is perfectly acceptable.

8.) If your house is like mine, there's a big bag or basket full of mismatched socks somewhere. There's at least two hours of entertainment (or frustration) right there trying to match as many as you can. After you're finished, scramble them all up again and invite your spouse to see how many pairs they can find in the basket.

9.) Actually listen to your spouse's troubles. When you're well, if you close your eyes while they're going off about their day, you're going to be in trouble. When you're sick, keeping your eyes closed is perfectly acceptable and all that's required is an occasional "uh hu".

10.) And last but not least (and my personal favorite)... have a sleeping contest with your cat. She's actually woke ME up several times the past couple of days so I think this is one I have mastered. Maybe that had something to do with the way I was twitching and moaning though.

Well, my cat has a five minute head start on me, so I'm going to put the laptop down and try to win another round of "out sleep your cat".  Hopefully I'll be out of this bed and back on the air tomorrow because I'm really tired of staring at these bedroom walls.

Post ways you fight boredom on sick days in the comments section below!

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