The Ark-La-Tex is NOT exactly a hotbed for UFO activity. However, according to the National UFO Reporting Center, we do get them occasionally. The last one reported near us in Texas was from Sulpher Springs in December of 2017.

As for Arkansas, again not much happening in our backyard for 2018. However, Mena had three different reports of a "Triangular Dark Object" in the sky. Plus several reports around the Little Rock area during the year.

For Louisiana, like Texas, most of the sightings seem to be down near the coast.

For Oklahoma, Tulsa and Oklahoma City get a few but again, nothing much happening in our immediate area.

Kinda sad if you're an aspiring UFO watcher. The Ark-La-Tex is not the place for that kind of activity it would seem. Or at least, they're not reporting it.

You can check out all the reports for these states and many more through the links below.

BTW: If you want to see what a busy place looks like, check out California's sightings. Draw your own conclusions.

If you have a sighting or other experience to report, go to the National UFO Reporting Center website. The Mutual UFO Network is another great place to report sightings and encounters, however, you have to be a paid member to utilize their research.

Happy hunting!


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