If your New Year’s fitness resolve has waned, you might need a new challenge to get back on track. Walk Across Arkansas can help! It’s a FREE 8-week program of the Cooperative Extension Service, part of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.

It’s simple, here's the way it works.

Grab a few friends for a team. Register at uaex.edu/walk. Set your goal. Start walking. And record your minutes. This year’s walk is set for March 16 through May 10. Don’t worry, You don’t have to walk all the way across Arkansas. Minutes, not miles, are what count. Even a small amount of exercise can improve your health.

That’s what Walk Across Arkansas is about: helping Arkansans live healthier lives. What you are waiting for?

Sign up today at uaex.edu/walk or call the Miller County Extension office at 870-779-3609 if you have questions.