Things are heating up at the box office this weekend, there are two new movies to hit theaters nationwide.

Tessa Thompson who starred in the movies Thor:Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame plays rookie Agent M who is assigned to the London branch, her mission to track down a mole in the organization but to do it she has to team up Agent H played by Chris Hemsworth. Emma Thompson returns as Agent O the MIB Branch Chief in NYC. Liam Neeson is the MIB's British branch, Agent High T. Lots pf special effects, action, comedy in this one.

In this movie Jessie T. Usher plays John Shaft Jr., a nerdy FBI agent who finds out that Samuel L. Jackson is his father he never met. John Jr. tracks down his dad in Harlem where the two embark on trying to solve a murder case involving his best friend. The two also wind up getting help from Richard Roundtree the original star of Shaft.

My personal pick this weekend Men in Black. Grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies!

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