No seriously, what the heck is that? Is it some kind of mountain lion? How about a seriously deformed deer? Chupacabra? What is this thing caught on camera roaming the Texas Hill Country?

Cougar - Canva
Cougar? - Canva

Kudos on this story from the KENS 5 news team out of San Antonio, Texas about a baffling creature caught on camera wandering around the countryside and eating things, as creatures are apt to do. The big question of course is, what exactly is it?

Hyena - Coyote - Donkey - Canva
Hyena? - Coyote? - Donkey? - Canva

The range is everything from the hard-to-find chupacabra to a mangy coyote and just about everything in between.

The tail looks very big cat-like and there is a mountain lion that is known to be in the area, but when you get to the snout, this does not look like a cat. In fact, to me, the tail looks feline, the body and legs resemble canine, the ears look more goat-like and the snout or face kind of reminds me of a hyena and yet a little donkey'ish.

Chupacabra - Jackalope - Canva
Chupacabra? - Jackalope? - Canva

Watch the video and make your guess!

Experts don't all agree but many are speculating it might be some type of dog with skin issues. We don't know for sure, but we do know it's out there, it's real, and it has a sweet tooth.

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