Everyone knows the best part of a road trip is the food, right? Sometimes food is the very reason we load up the car!

Food is a universal language. We gather around it, post about it, and (in my case) dream about it. A simple four-letter word that encompasses history, culture and sustenance.

That's why Jane and Michael Stern have dedicated their lives to it. The couple has been traveling the country sampling what this great nation of ours has to offer. Their passion for food has been documented in books and online at Roadfood.com for 40 years now.

If anyone knows what food is good and best to eat along these American roads, they do.

Recently, PopSugar.com compiled their research into a list of the Must-Eat Roadfoods Across America. There is a dish for every state and they will each have you wanting to book that trip ASAP. Which dish do you think they chose for Arkansas?

It's the Fried Pie.

A sweet, handheld pie? Um, yes please! It's a traditional pie filling like apple, peach, apricot or even sweet potato wrapped in a pie-crust pastry dough. It's then deep fried until crispy. My favorite is actually a chocolate creme fried pie. YUM!

How lucky are we that we don't have to hit the road to find the best fried pies out there?

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