What's better than embarking on a road trip in which all of your stops are food related?

Have you ever traveled somewhere, just for the food? Whether it's a specific restaurant or just a type of food. It can be quite exhilarating. With it's own unique type of cooking and dishes, it's no wonder that Louisiana landed on a list featuring the best food and drink trails across America.

A trail is essentially a destination(s) for food or drink. It can be an aspiring item that is on the rise or currently trending, think of the cronut. Or it can be an established food in a region, like boudin.

That's what PopSugar.com is hailing as one of the best food trails in America.

On their list of the "10 Best Food and Drink Trails to Explore in America", PopSugar named the southwest corner of the Bayou state. The website claims that this corner is loaded with mom-and-pop shops, dives, and grocery stores serving up the best boudin. In fact, they claim there are over 34 stops on this food trail.

Sounds like we need to take a road trip!

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