What is the number one, must-see attraction in the state of Arkansas? Any guesses?

Have you ever thought about just how big the United States is? I once heard an interview with a band on their first U.S. tour. They said they realized how big this country is when they traveled from one side in shorts and flip-flops to the other side where they quickly needed to change into long pants and coats. And which such a large piece of land, comes many sights to see.

Ah, tourism.

It's easy to say that each state has something unique to offer, but what is the best of the best? PopSugar.com set out to answer this with their list, "50 States of Unbelievable Tourist Attractions." If you had family or friends passing through, what would you tell them that they have to see?

Thorncrown Chapel

This architectural delight in Eureka Springs is the tourist attraction that PopSugar chose for Arkansas. It's absolutely stunning. The chapel opened in 1980 and in these 30+ years, over six million people have visited it.

If you're wondering which attraction was selected for the state of Texas, don't worry, you already know. It's the Alamo. Kind of saw that one coming didn't we?

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