Car trouble is just a part of life, ain't it?

If you own a car, you know that it comes complete with a set of headaches. From not starting on a morning you're already late for work to full-on transmission repair just before a big road trip, cars aren't always reliable. And that unreliability almost always costs an arm and a leg.

Recently, The General broke down all of these car problems down by state.

Looking at their map, the most common car issue is that it won't start with 16 states reporting this information. The least common issue is dents (tell that to Wyoming, who reported this issue the most). I don't think I believe this information, since that seems like a common issue.

When it comes to Arkansas, we are more likely to deal with and report problems with spark plugs. We might have dodged a bullet though as we were not in the top 10 list of states reporting the most car problems. Can someone knock on wood please? So we don't jinx ourselves?

Here are the Top 10 States with the Most Car Problems:

1. Arizona
2. Louisiana
3. Wyoming
4. District of Columbia
5. Alabama
6. Oklahoma
7. Tennessee
8. South Carolina
9. Colorado
10. Utah

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