Itchy, watery eyes are not a good look for eyeliners... Just sayin'.

If you've hung out with me for the last few days on the radio, you've probably noticed how nasally I sound. Ugh! I'm so sorry! Allergies are so frustrating and now they're messing with my work life? Oh heck no. I know I'm not alone in my struggles, I've just never really dealt with allergies until moving to this area. I grew up in San Diego, which was just named one of the best places to live with seasonal allergies because there aren't any.

So, what in the world are we so allergic to this fall?

Flonase recently compiled data from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology to give us a list of Allergies by State. It's more of a list broken down by region, but you can find your state within those regions. The Ark-La-Tex falls into the South Central/Southwest region, which resembles much of what we see in the Southeast.

The only thing that differs is that we have a big problem with red mountain cedar tree in Texas. This guy likes to pollinate closer to December. Right now however, we are struggling with ragweed as the temperatures start to cool off. Ragweed becomes most prevalent around or after Labor Day.

Yep, right on schedule.

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