Over the weekend, I overheard a conversation with a question..."What is your walk-away number?"  That is the amount of money it would take for you to just walk away from your job without anything else lined up.

So, what would your walk away number be?

There is no right or wrong answer, but if you think about it honestly, it might open up your eyes a little to what you may really want out of your life, and career.

Some folks would quit their jobs for just enough money to pay their bills for a year, some would like enough to take a two year vacation, some would like enough to start a business, while others would want enough to never have to work again.

Yahoo put together a poll asking this question, and heard numbers ranging from $47,000 from a Starbucks employee, to $750,000 from a Marketing Consultant.

So, again... leave a comment and let us know...

What is your walk-away number?