Obviously, if you have lost your job during the Pandemic then you have immediate and targeted plans for your stimulus check, I fully understand. However, if you're lucky enough to have been deemed "essential" and so far been able to keep your job during this mess then may I make a suggestion? Grab some local take-out.

My youngest son works in a local restaurant as does his girlfriend and many friends his age. All the restaurants are struggling and none of us wants to see any more of them close and never come back. So keep them in your thoughts when making plans for that extra cash injection you may have just received or are about to get. Oh, and for goodness sake, take advantage of the adult beverage option while it's available. The other day I went and got some Mexican food, to-go obviously, and ordered a delicious frozen margarita to-go with it, what a treat! Thank you, Governor Abbott, for relaxing that law for the time being.

Reminder: You can't drink it in the car on the way home, don't open it until you get home and out of the vehicle and please don't make a store run after you have consumed it... thank you.

The other thought on stimulus check distribution is; give some to a local charity, please. I wrote about this yesterday, East Texas Giving Day is coming up April 28, but you don't have to wait until that day. There are some charities right here in our area that may not make it that long. Donations are way down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and all the havoc it's causing. If you can help as many local charities as you can, as soon as you can, it may be enough to keep their doors open until all this is over. $10 here, $20 there, there's no telling just how much good we might be able to do if we just spread it around a little.

Here's a list of restaurants in our area and what they are doing right now.
Here's a link to East Texas Giving Day.

I'm not suggesting for one moment that you should not get a new boat, ATV, shotgun, drone, tablet, appliance or a down payment on that world cruise... ok, maybe not that last one, just keep in mind you have neighbors that are struggling to get through this and maybe you can help.

Give till it helps, ya'll are awesome.


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