Before you get too upset with me, I didn't come up with these numbers.

Not too long ago my husband and I went to a 311 concert. This was a bucket list item for him since he loved their music growing up. I, on the other hand, could only recognize one song. Maybe it's the slight age difference between the two of us, but I think it's more based on the fact that we grew up in two different regions of the US. I say that because one of my girlfriends who grew up in Texas freaked out when she found out we were going to the show. I grew up in California, hubby grew up in Texas.

My theory is that music or artists are bigger in some regions compared to others.

Thanks to YouTube, we now know there is some truth to that. The New York Times recently looked to YouTube and their geocoded streaming data to create heat maps from some of the biggest artists out there. Turns out some artists are burning hot in some regions and flickering in others.

Based on this info, what does that say about Arkansas?

Right off the bat, it says that Arkansas may need to stoke their country fire a bit. Now, keep in mind that there weren't many country artists on this list to begin with however, that could just have easily been because there wasn't significant data to measure.

The country names that were measured were Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Taylor Swift (hey, we're throwing her a bone). There were hot spots in Arkansas for these three artists, but it did not compare to the colors that other artists garnered. Again, you can take all of this information with a grain of salt since it's based on YouTube streaming numbers.

Or you can simply stream more of those country music videos!

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