Who said this?

"I've always been leery of meeting my heroes and people I admire, being afraid that they would turn out to be a [jerk]."

Do you think it was Toby Keith? Blake Shelton? John Rich or Reba?

Question Mark
Question Mark/Flickr

It was Reba! Are you surprised? My first guess was Blake Shelton.

Has this every happened to you? You really admired someone or looked up to them and then when you finally meet they are a Class A jerk. I was excited to meet Clay Walker but the first time we met he was a real jerk. I thought, "Well, everyone has a bad day. He'll be nice next time." Guess what? He wasn't. I met him two more times and both times he was just rude. It completely ruined my opinion of him and his music. Oh, and Ray Stevens! (The Streak) I grew up listening to his music on record (I was born in the 70's, yes we listened to records) and couldn't believe I had the chance to meet him and get my picture taken with him. He didn't speak or even smile. Disappointing for sure.

Has that every happened to you? Who was it? (don't say me, don't say me, don't say me!)

Leave me a comment below and tell me your experiences-good and bad!

Some stars that were awesome-Blake Shelton, Mark Wills, Keith Urban, Terri Clark, Chad Brock, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts and Jeffrey Steele-super nice! I know there are more, the good ones don't stick out as much as the bad ones-OH, I wonder if that is what they were doing by being mean, just trying to stay fresh in people's minds. Not the way I would choose to do it ha!

Happy Wednesday!


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