Always been a fan of Reba McEntire whether she's making country music, hosting an Awards Show or starring in her TV sitcom.'REBA' which ran on the WB and CW networks from 2001-2007 and still can be seen in syndication has proved that she is more than a country music singer. But since the the showed ended, she turned back to her country music roots for three best selling albums including her latest 'All the Women I Am'. Reba also went back out on the road for several shows that were very successful.

And now for those fans who just can't get enough of the fiery red head, Reba has announced that she hopes to return to television as the star and executive producer of an ABC series 'Malibu Country'.

Reba said after a meeting with ABC executives, the pilot for the show will be shot next April, and if everything goes well, we'll begin shooting next August. In the new TV sitcom Reba is expected to play a single divorced mom in "Malibu Country' trying to raise three kids after moving them from Nashville to Malibu to revive her singing career.