It's about that time again! Another season of The Bachelorette is winding down. Last night Emily brought the number down to two guys. So who do you think she'll choose?

From last night's episode, you can tell she has a major connection to Arie. In fact, she said they can't keep their hands of each other!  She even decided not to give Arie the overnight card because she said she didn't trust herself.

Then there is Jef. There is  definitely a connection here as well, but this one seems to be a sweeter, easier connection with laughter and fun between the two.

So, who do you think will receive the final rose? My prediction is Jef. In past seasons of the Bachelorette and the Bachelor, it always seems there is one relationship with more "fire" then the other one, and we always think "O.K. that's the one!"

Then, we get a little caught off guard, because the sweet and easy connection is always the stronger one. Well, o.k. not always...remember Jake and Vienna?  Yikes!