This weekend is the perfect opportunity to load up the car and head to the best lake in state.

Memorial Day weekend is known as the official start to summer. The actual start date of the summer season is Thursday, June 21, but who can wait that long? Many of us will be looking for the best place to partake in summer activities, like heading out to the lake.

We've got several lakes that are perfect for cooling off, fishing, catching a tan on, but which is considered the best? For those who want to get the most lake for their buck this weekend, put together their list of the "Best Lakes in All 50 States." These are places where locals and tourists can have a great time.

In Arkansas, we're headed to Lake Ouachita.

Only the locals will know how to pronounce this place, so you'll be able to figure out who the tourists are real quick. This human-made lake has more than 1,000 miles of shoreline. Believe it or not, the website says there are people who will scuba dive in those waters. It's also a hot spot for spear fisherman. The best part is that there isn't a lot of residential development around the lake so it's pretty pristine.

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