Are you getting tired of the dark gloomy days Arkansas has been experiencing for several weeks now?

It seems like we may never see the sun again with severe weather predicted across most of the state today those gloomy days are beginning to get old. Sure, there may have been a couple of days in and there when the sun popped out for a little while but it didn't last long at all. In fact, according to KARK-TV in Little Rock the last time Arkansas saw a full day of sunshine was November 30, so that means for 14 consecutive days we have pretty much been living in the dark. It's bad enough that the days are shorter and it gets darker earlier but factor in the dark cloudy days and begins to get to you.

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And when the mind and body don't see sunshine for long periods of time it starts to have an effect on the human body's psychological being. Mood changes along with energy levels start to drop after a prolonged period of time giving away to something called a seasonal affective disorder, our bodies tend to slow down and we feel tired and want to sleep more leading to depression for many folks.

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As most of you know, Vitamin D we get from the sun energizes our body and mind and lifts our spirits. In a sense, that sounds like when Superman can't absorb the sun's energy he basically shutdowns. Well, our body starts to do the same and we become lethargic and disinterested.

If you are taking a supplement of Vitamin D that's good but if you are not with the long dark days it may be a good idea to start taking some for your health.

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So, rain, rain, please go away! It was nice for a while but I am ready to see and feel some sunshine again. How about you?

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