Excuse us, but we may need to make a quick road trip before the season premier of the return of Will & Grace.

I'll be honest, Will & Grace was not a show that I watched growing up. I did however, get my fill in college when I was introduced to the show by a friend who was beyond obsessed. I fell in love instantly with the characters and the humor. Plus, the oh-so-iconic piano runs in between scenes.

Tonight, they're "all in it together. Again."

There has been much celebration and catching up being done in preparation for tonight's premier. Will & Grace, a 16-time Emmy winning show, is back on NBC. Hulu has even put all of the previous episodes on its streaming for fans to relive the show in its glory days. Hence, the "catching up"

The celebrating is coming in many forms, including shakes with a little booze in them (totally, Karen's idea). A popular burger chain, Shake Shack, is serving up these Will & Grace inspired milkshakes and helping out a great cause at the same time. The "Will & Grace" is a blend of sweet and spice. It's a cinnamon marshmallow frozen custard with fudge blended in. Top that off with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar. The second shake is the "Jack & Karen." It's vibrant and bubbly. This one is strawberry frozen custard blended with Prosecco (the first shake to be made with wine), topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and raspberry dust.

Shake Shack teamed up with NBC to concoct these delicious treats and the two of them have also partnered with GLAAD. Even shake sold will mean a $2 to the non-profit.

Unfortunately, these are only being sold in the New York and Los Angeles Shake Shacks. Anyone know a pilot? I think we can make it!

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