Dorky me forgot to set it up to record! But I did manage to remember it was on about halfway through it, it was worth it.

I was upset that I missed the first half but no sense crying over missed TV, it's not like I didn't know the story already. But this was soooooooo good, I really wish I had seen the whole thing. I'm sure NBC will give it another airing at some point.

First off, whilst trying not to get too political, I'm still shocked that NBC did this production in the first place. They seem to be against pretty much anything that has to do with Christianity, and I would be willing to bet you cash money, if that was appropriate, that Christianity got a nice boost from last night's Jesus Christ Superstar.

There were far too many commercial breaks in my humble opinion. I wish someone had sponsored the show and made it virtually commercial free, and I just watched half of it! Although it was cool how they showed backstage high-fiving and hugs and set changes in a split-screen format during the commercial breaks. That was a cool idea.

There was obviously a lot of John Legend's performance that I missed in the first part of the show, but he did a tremendous job in the most important parts at the end.

Love me some King Harod and what a great performance by "the man" Alice Cooper:

Ben Daniels portrayal of Pilot was superb:

If you get the chance to watch it, do it, I'm going to. Hopefully the whole thing next time.


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