You know how I am when it comes to vintage WWII-era warbirds, if they are nearby, Jim wants to be there. Unfortunately, I can't be there this weekend as we are getting ready to move into our new house next week, but if you can make it to Wings Over Dallas this weekend, please share your pics ok?

The Commemorative Air Force is putting on a big show this weekend at Dallas Executive Airport just off Hwy 67 at the Hampton Rd exit. When I was a kid it was called Redbird Airport, in fact, the airport's 3-letter identifier is still RDB. Just saying.

There is going to be loads of WWII aircraft there, with plane rides available, reenactments, tours and much more. For ticket information click on the links below.

Please don't forget to post those pictures.

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Best Selfie Ever - Jim Weaver
Best Selfie Ever - Jim Weaver/ Lisa Lindsey

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