It's funny how we react in the South to wintery weather especially since this morning most of us woke up to sleet in Texarkana. Further North of us some folks were getting some snow.

It's like, all of a sudden panic sets in and we start hitting the stores to stock up on supplies just in case we get stuck indoors. Well, I guess it's always better to be safe than sorry. However, much of the winter precipitation has now turned to rain but you still need to be careful on the roadways and overpasses because it doesn't take much for them to become slick.

So, if you're complaining about the dusting of ice or snow this morning, it could be a lot worse. Take a look at this time-lapse security video of a home in Newfoundland, Canada. Residents, there are literally snowed in and can't even get out of their home unless of course, you want to walk through a wall of snow. Yes, their snow apocalypse all happened in just one day.

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